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Tag Yourself as ‘Santa’ with Fabulous Christmas Gift Ideas for Everyone

The Christmas trees are lighted up, Christmas carols rehearsals are done with, and the churches are all dolled up with magnificence, after all Christmas is all here with full vigor and joy knocking on everyone’s door!  Santa, the “Father of Christmas”, is also geared up with his reindeers to ride on his sleigh to flabbergast his admirers with flamboyant Christmas gifts.

As the festive adrenaline rush gushes through people’s veins, they are all excited to role play Secret Santa for their dear ones. But being someone’s Santa is really a difficult business. Choosing a perfect gift for each and everyone may leave you baffled and in melancholy.  With these wonderful Christmas gifts idea, you’ll certainly do justice to Santa’s cap and attain the tag of ‘favorite Santa’ this holiday season.
Let’s consider some Christmas gift ideas while considering the likings and well-being of your special ones in your life-

Christmas gift ideas for the ‘Avid Readers’ 

Christmas gift ideas for the ‘Avid Readers

People refer them as ‘bibliophile’ or ‘bookworms’, but these intellectual creatures are least bothered about what the world think of them. These booklovers are found in every book store and library of the world in search of the literary stuffs from their favorite authors. This Christmas, don’t leave the avid readers in your acquaintance and grab a copy of the latest best seller from their favorite authors to bring a quaint smile on their faces. But, apart from the books, there are other gifts as well that goes well for the bookworms in the family. 
  • Souvenirs from their favorite fiction novels: For the fiction book lovers in the family and friends circle, gifting souvenirs from their favorite fiction novel is an incredible gifting idea to surprise them on Christmas. Souvenirs can be notepads, bookmarks, lockets, tiepins, t-shirts, etc. 
  • Personalized coffee mugs: What can be a better surprise than a personalized mug designed with the images and quotes from his favorite literary work? Nothing! Now your literati can curl up on the couch and read his favorite novel while sipping the hot cuppa or tea in this amazing coffee mug.
  • Photo framed portraits of his favorite novels: Collect the cover pages of the bookworm’s favorite novels and get them individually framed in subtle wooden black frames. This Christmas gift certainly adds a literary charm to the bedroom of the book lovers.
  • Rotating Personalized lamp: Enlighten the room of the bibliophile in the family with a fabulous rotating lamp this Christmas. You can set the images of poster of his much-loved novels on the lamp to give it a literary feel. 

Christmas gift ideas for ‘Great Old Souls’ in the house

Christmas gift ideas for ‘Great Old Souls’ in the house

Grandparents are the most exquisite human beings on earth. All the amazing things grandparents do for their children holds a special place in everyone’s heart. This Christmas, shower and express your love to your incredible grandparents with Christmas gifts that speak of wellness in every way. You can avail the Christmas gifts online by hitting any online shopping site on your phone or laptop.
  • Family photo frame: Express your deepest feelings to your grandparents with a large family photo frame that speaks of the three incredible generations. Add a memorable title to this photo frame like “Sharma & Sons since 1960”. This photo frame is a great and quick family’s walk down the beautiful memory lane.
  • Wooden foot massager: This Christmas gift is an incredible way to express your feeling of well-being towards your parents. The feet pains are an inevitable part of old age and presenting this gift will make them shower infinite blessings on you.
  • Aromatic fur slippers: A pleasant and useful gifts for the grandparents, these furry slippers provide them with warmth and ease the pain of their feet in winters. These aromatic slippers will keep their feet soft while the beautiful aroma of these slippers soothes their mind and soul. 
  • Blood pressure checker: Blood pressure is the most common heart problem among elders. Let Christmas be the occasion to present this incredible gift to your grandparents that stands for their wellness. With this machine just a hand away, they can keep a regular check on their blood pressure without leaving the cozy atmosphere of their home. 

Christmas gift ideas for ‘Kiddos’ in the house

Christmas gift ideas for ‘Kiddos’ in the house

It seems quite an easy task to buy Christmas gifts for kiddos in the house, but they can turn into the toughest creatures to please during the holiday season. So, this Christmas, buy gifts that are not just creative but also unique in every way. Try to buy Christmas gifts that have the power to keep them busy and happy throughout the holiday season. You just have to sit at home and place your order for the kids’ gifts at any online gift store with just few clicks.

  • Coloring Book and colors: Selecting a unique and useful gift requires an art. Therefore, this Christmas, go the art way, and get a good collection of wonderful coloring books and fun colors to let the kiddos of the house have a blasting time together painting and coloring.
  • Personal crockery set for tiny tots: Children love to eat and drink in colorful and themed crockery. This Christmas, get them their very own crockery sets designed with variants of colors. You can also go their favorite cartoon-themed crockery sets like Ben 10 for the boys and Barbie for the girls.
  • Intellectual skill games: Kids have a great learning power. So, this holiday season, rather than going for toys and other stuff for children, buy excellent mind games like crossword or Scrabble to heighten their skills and knowledge. Seeing a new game, they would certainly love to play it.
  • Colorful clays for craft: This Christmas, go the crafts way and get a box of colorful plays to bring out the creative person in the kids of the house. Whether it is about gifting to a tiny toddler or a teenager, this incredible gift goes for everyone. 

Christmas gift ideas for the ‘machos’ 

Christmas gift ideas for the ‘machos

Be it your father, boyfriend, husband, or your brother, the selection of Christmas gifts online for the guys has to be a precise one. When buying a Christmas gift for a guy, it is better to always go for a useful one. The below Christmas gifts ideas will certainly help you tackle the guy-gifting conundrums.

  • Grooming kit: Guys just love to flaunt their macho looks and when the fashion is all about beards and mustaches, A Grooming kit as Christmas gift is an ultimate choice. 
  • Sport shoes for the fitness freaks: Men are great fitness freaks. They will do everything to get those tough six pack abs and muscles to have perfect toned bodies. This thoughtful Christmas gift will incredibly add to their fitness regime. 
  • Branded watch: Watches make excellent gifts for Christmas when it comes to surprising the machos in the family and friend circle. They love to don a branded watch to add to their handsome personality.

Christmas gift ideas for the “far away” dear ones

Christmas gift ideas for the “far away” dear ones

It is not necessary that all the loved ones are available during the holiday season. There are families whose close ones are far away from them in some other country owing to their work commitments. This Christmas, don’t let the long-distance bother you! Send amazing Christmas gifts filed with warmth and live to the loved ones who are unavailable for this Christmas. Avail the facility of online gifting stores to hasten the process of sending gifts to them.

  • Photo collage: These gifts are a perfect choice for Christmas to send to the distant loved ones. The pictures in it will bring back the beautiful time you all have spent together.
  • Blanket: Christmas season is all about winter chills. Send warmth in the form of blankets to the dear ones in other countries on the occasion of Christmas. This is the best way to express the feelings of love and care.
  • Homemade food items: Don’t let the hefty shipping charges stop you from sending delicious home cooked food to your dear ones staying abroad. Christmas is a time to relish homemade delicacies, so don’t let your loved ones miss a chance of tasting delectable home food. 
If personally shopping these gifts is a problem to you, online gifting sites will help you send these marvelous Christmas gifts to your loved ones without any hassle. You can even send beautiful flowers and cakes along with these gifts to create more memories. 
Merry Christmas!
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